October 23, 2005


I'm abandoning this incarnation of GoT, and combining it with my other journal, Changed Priorities Ahead.

[Posted by Julie at 06:31 PM]

October 13, 2005

Ch- ch- changes

Since I spend most of my time over on Livejournal, which is a wonderful and easy updating interface for giant slackers like me, I'm going to be moving this journal over there in the near future. I am actually writing (and consequently whining, bitching and wailing about writing), though my priorities have changed significantly and I'm not focusing on writing for publication.

I haven't yet decided if I'm just going to combine GOT with my main journal, or if I am going to keep it seperate. Likely the former, because of that giant slacker thing.

[Posted by Julie at 04:34 PM]
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